Monday, July 28, 2014

Email Update: 7/28/2014

Dear Everyone,

Sounds like you have been having a lot of fun recently... At least, i hope life is fun. It's been interesting for me, with a few good things and a lot of interestingness.

So we had exchanges on Tuesday, and Elder Olson, my original MTC companion is currently one of my Zone Leaders, so we ended up serving together for the day. It went pretty well, we were able to contact one of the referrals that the bishop had given us on Sunday, a lady named Kelly, and her 3 kids that were there at the time (the other one was at a summer camp for the time being). The lesson went really well; we got to teach the first discussion, and set up a followup appointment for this Tuesday. We also were able to answer some questions that she'd had from a while back, one of which was, "My friend told me once that she and her family strongly believed in reincarnation. Is that true for the whole religion?" We were able to convince her that no, we don't believe in reincarnation. What we believe in is the Resurrection, and that everyone will be restored to their bodies. She also had a question on baptism, whether it's necessary or not, and if it is, how she would go about it. She even mentioned that she knew of churches that required you to take classes before you were able to be baptized, so it was pretty easy to explain how we had a similar process. We didn't actually set a baptismal date just yet, mostly because she is not married to her current significant other, and she said that though they are not currently cohabiting, (or whatever the appropriate word is), it is likely that they will again. She also said that one of her concerns was that people would always judge her for that choice, so we felt that it would be prudent to hold off on setting a date until the issue could be fully addressed.

We were also able to stop by Sherry again, and introduce Elder Olson to her. It was actually really funny; if it had been a job recommendation, doubt that Elder Richardson and I could have received much better praise. Sherry actually went to far as to say, "If there was money involved, these two deserve a raise." Though i may disagree with a lot of what was said, it was nice to be appreciated by someone that we have been working with for a while now. It turns out that their family was going to be taking off for a 500 miler on Saturday, so we will have to find out how that went when we see them this week. The last big ride that their group went on apparently ended with the "rear guard" clipping a rock in the road and rolling. Luckily, he was wearing full gear, helmet and leathers, so he is alive and not picking the road out of his skin, though he did break a few bones in the tumble. His wife is apparently not to keen on him getting on a bike anytime soon, and possibly just sticking to three wheelers even after a year. He is apparently upset that he can't get back on a bike right now. Not surprising, either of those opinions...

The last major thing that happened this week was getting Michael's baptismal interview done. Apparently, he did great, and the baptism is set for 2:00 on Saturday, August 2.(I just realized how much i have been saying "apparently." Sorry about that.) However, Michael seems to have a deathly fear of water, a fact that we just found out about yesterday. So, things should be interesting this next weekend. In any case, his family is super excited, and he seems to be as well, so we are going ahead as planned for now, and hope for the best on Saturday. 

Well, that just about covers it for this week. I hope you are all doing great!

Love and Insanity, Elder Stuver

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