Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Email Update: 7/29/2013--First Week in the Field

Nathanael hasn't had a chance to get a memory card reader, but promises photos soon. Here's his email:
The mission field has been pretty cool so far, with all of the members feeding us, a 9 year old girl getting baptized this last Saturday, and working with a few more investigators. The members like to make the best meal for us when we visit, so I haven't had a small dinner since I left the MTC! By the way, you should look for a recipe for Strawberry Rubarb Pie; that's what we had for desert on Wednesday, and it was awesome!! The girl's name is Roxy Kitchen, and she had a baptismal date before I arrived at the area, so I just got to see the baptism. It was really fun; her mom is a less-active member, but she still came for the baptism and the confirmation on Sunday. It was really helpful to get to see someone join the church so soon after entering the Mission Field; I needed the boost in confidence.
One of the other people we are teaching is named Dan, and he's great to talk to, fun to be around, and keeps the commitments he makes. He wants to be baptized, but can't yet because of some personal issues that he is working on with us. So, for now, we go over and continue teaching, and help where we can.
That is pretty much the size of what's going on up here. I gotta say, 1400 people are much slower paced than 100,000+
Elder Stuver

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Letter from the Mission President

Dear Missionary Parents,


How thrilled I was to greet your son and to welcome him as a full-time missionary in the Idaho Nampa Mission.  What a blessing it will be to our mission to have him serving here to the assigned field of labor.

After arriving at the mission office and conducting a brief orientation of the mission, I had the opportunity of interviewing your son in an effort to become better acquainted with him and to feel of his spirit.  As a result of this interview, I felt impressed to assign your son, as a companion, to the most obedient, most skilled, and hardest working missionary in the mission.  You can be assured that this companion is one of our mission’s very best.

We are confident that your son will have a very positive experience while serving in the Idaho Nampa Mission.  We know he will strengthen his skills, increase his knowledge and testimony of the gospel, and establish an increased measure of love for all of our Heavenly Father’s children he will assist in teaching.

We have attached a picture of your missionary with myself and also a picture of him with his trainer, Elder Jarvis .

May the Lord’s choicest blessings be with you as you sustain your son and pray for his continued welfare.

Faithfully yours,

President Stuart B. Cannon

Idaho Nampa Mission

Nathanael and his companion: Elder Jarvis
Nathanael and his mission president: President and Sister Cannon

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Into the Field

Mom wanted me to let everyone know that she was able to talk to Nathanael from the Salt Lake airport. He called, boarded his plane and should be headed towards the mission home.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Email Update 7/21/2013--MTC Life

I wrote Nathanael an email, and here was his response:

Mrs. StuHarper,

I did send a responce to your letter, did you not recieve it? If not, I might have forgotten to write the "4" for your apartment number.

I leave... on Tuesday. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

MTC=Cabin feverawesomeness
I had some awesome spriritual experiences, including participating in my first blessing, consecrating my own annointing oil, and finally knowing for sure that God loves me, i'm in the right place, and that He's pleased with me.

The MTC has been awesome, but I'm glad that it's almost over; it's time for me to be out there. Like I said, I leave on Tuesday, and it is kinda freaking me out, but i'm really excited at the same time. We wake up at 6:15, be at the travel station of the MTC, take off at 11:00, and touch down in Boise at 12:15. From there, meet the Mission President and head to the mission home. So, if you have my mission home address, start sending stuff there.

The blessing i helped with was for a sister in our district, named Sister Paisley Stevens (i have a picture of her, i'll send it when i can.) I won't go into detail, so that you can post this if you'd like, but she needed a little comfort, and the Elders needed the Spirit that came from it.

My comp's name is Elder Jacob Olson, and though he makes a rest stop about 4 times a day too many, we work really well together, and we both learn from each other. (Again, picture to be sent... eventually.) We've been able to teach "Bob Nash" (our teacher roleplaying) and we've learned a lot about how and what to teach, and when to do it. During some of our Companion Study times, Elder Olson and I go out sometimes and make random approaches to missionaries as if they were people on the street. It's been pretty cool, and again, we've learned a lot.

Well, my time's up, so I'll end with saying that you should read Alma 48:17-18 to know what told me to be sure and stay.

Love Elder Nathanael Stuver

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Into the MTC!

Today Nathanael went into the MTC at 1:30. Here are a few pictures prior to the MTC and the curbside drop-off.
Loading the car before the MTC
Mom and Nathanael on the way to the MTC

Nathanael and Jeffrey on the way to the MTC

Nathanael and Dad on the way to the MTC
Elders helping Nathanael unload at the Provo MTC.
Nathanael unloading at the MTC
Nathanael, Mom and Dad at the MTC
Final Goodbye at the MTC! Nathanael, Mom and Dad (Jeffrey is in the car already.)

Thanks Mom for the pictures!