Monday, July 7, 2014

Email Update: 7/7/2014

Dear Everyone,

Sounds like you all had a great week! I'm glad that you were able to spend some time with everyone, and that you all had fun. 

Life has been pretty interesting this past week. I may have mentioned at one point or another that i strongly dislike tracting, mostly because i am horrible at it, and also because there is little efficiency to the process. However, this week seems to have broken the mold. Elder Richardson worked as a Vivint salesman before he came out on his mission, and he still has all of the confidence that he gained while working in Texas. In the past week, we have knocked on a total of 12 doors, and we have gotten into 5 homes, and had favorable responses from 4 others. There were still 3 crazy people, but you can't really expect anything else with that much success. I mean, i didn't even expect us to get in a single door! One of the homes that we visited was the home of a lady named Leslie, and she was super nice. We weren't able to go in, because there wasn't another male in the house, but we talked for a little on the front porch, where we found out that she had read the Book of Mormon in the past, because it was given to her by some of her friends. We said that we would come back at a better time, and she said that she was fine with that. 

Another house we stopped by had a lady and her son, named Shary and Michael. They are members of the Assembly of God, and both of them are actually ministers in a biker congregation. Even with that, though, they were totally fine with us coming in and talking about what we believe. We left them a Book of Mormon and had them read Alma chapter 48, mostly because it kinda just popped in my head, and i was talking before i had the time to think about. Before we left, we read Alma 48:17 with them, and said that we both admired Captain Moroni, and that we knew that they would be blessed if they would read and learn, and follow the example of this great man. 

A slightly unusual first lesson, as it goes. However, it seemed to work, and we left in high spirits.

So, that was the cool missionary stories this week. As for Michael the 14 year old, we went over to teach him yesterday, and he was in an... interesting mood. He walked out in the middle of the lesson and laid down in his parents bed, saying that he, "Couldn't sleep because everyone was talking." So, the parents took us in and we basically taught him by telling him bedtime stories. Again, Elder Richardson was awesome at it, and i.. was less than impressive. Oh well, what can you do. Oh, and the drawings look like the people have mustaches for hair.

As for the 4th of July, it was interesting, mostly because it was a little boring. No one was available to teach, and we had to be in by six, so it was a little slow. Oh well, it's a mission, not a vacation, right?

I've been doing a lot better since the beginning of the transfer, mentally and physically. It's been nice to have a companion that is a little more upbeat, though Elder Gibson has his own qualities. President Cannon is cool, though sometimes he seems exhausted, which is entirely understandable; he has to put up with almost 200 adolescents while at the same time presiding over an area probably 300 miles square of people almost as crazy as the missionaries. So, all in all, he is doing great.

Well that just about does it for this week. Have a great life!!!!

Love and Insanity, Elder Stuver

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