Monday, February 24, 2014

Email update: 2/24/2014--So. Many. Investigators!

Dear Familie,

This week has been mostly ups and downs, with the biggest up being the fact that we have 15 investigators that are almost ready for baptism, and 10 of those 15 were at church yesterday. It is utterly insane, and i love it. Two of the investigators were ones that actually got a hold of us in one way or another to tell us that they wanted to be baptized, and they were both at church. Unfortunately for one of them, Matt, his fiance is trapped in a marriage that her ex wont sign for divorce. Apparently, in the state of Washington, it costs $100 for the man to file divorce from start to finish, while the woman has to pay $300 just to get the paperwork, and then another $500 to file it. That's why it hasn't been taken care of before now, but that is no longer the case. Matt and Sharon are working on contacting a lawyer acquaintance of his mother, so that they can begin the process of filing for divorce. Now the only thing between them and baptism is getting the paperwork, and a 21 day period for filing. Unfortunately, that also means at least a month before Matt can get baptized. 

Other than those major ups, we had some awesome lessons, Riggins is frankly hopping with work, and people are just seeming more and more ready to hear the Gospel. 

Now for a few of the downs. First off, EVERYONE IS GETTING SICK!!!!! We had at least three appointments cancel on us because either they were sick, or someone in their family was sick. Sadly, a lot of those family members seem to be getting cancer, and two families called us about that. Another sad part is one of our potential investigators actually died somewhere between Saturday and Tuesday of last week. We found this out from the lady who had brought her to church a while back, and from Nate, the mortician. The lady told us that Hope had been really excited to learn about the church, and had been asking questions since the Sunday she had made it to all three meetings. 

That actually really reminded me how good what we believe is. When we had heared the news, I was sad, but the first thing that i did was chuckle, because i could just imagine Hope in the Spirit World, saying, "OK, i was promised some lessons up here. When do we start? Come on, we haven't got all time!" 

It's really comforting to know that even though we may be done with this life, that doesn't mean it's the end. There is more to us than that. That knowledge really gave me a boost when we heard about Hope, and gave me new motivation to teach everyone who would listen, so that they can feel that same hope for Hope.

Well, that just about covers my life for the past week. I'm glad you all had fun at Sister Jeffrey's play. Please tell me you got some pictures of that... And Dad--what, no stories? Why not? I really want to know. Finally, Yeah! Score on for Orem!!!!

Love and Insanity, Elder Stuver

Monday, February 17, 2014

2/17/2014: Email Update--Transfer 5

Dear Familie,

Thanks for the help and everything else that you give me. It really does make a huge difference.

This week was a really slow week, because of two major meetings, both a district and a zone meeting. As such, we really didn't get the chance to do much more than drive most of the time. Add a lot of canceled appointments, and you have a slightly frustrated Elder. Oh well, those things happen, i guess. Along with that sad fact, we were both disappointed on Saturday, because all of our Baptismal dates fell through. Memo to all who care: never start smoking or drinking. I have never seen something so hard to quit, and i have had some tough things to work with in my life. Every single one of those people who had set a date were unable to be baptized because of Word of Wisdom issues, mostly smoking. We even met a man who was 8 weeks sober off of heroin, and he seemed to be doing better than the smokers. So, never start, so that you never have to quit.

Sadly, that just about covers it this week. I guess i'll say good bye for now.

Never mind. Transfers!!!! Both Elder Maynard and i are staying in McCall. Not only that; our whole district is staying, with the exception of one sister who is going to train in Caldwell. i'm happy about it; we have a lot of work going on up here, and i still need/really really want Elder Maynard's help. Even though their original dates didn't work out, almost all of the people who we'd set dates with are spiritually ready to become members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I say that with utter confidence, and sadness that they have to work through such frustrating and downright depressing and painful things to get there. So, we have a lot of work to do, and not a lot of time to do it.

On a final note, i got to thinking a few weeks ago, and it still kinda bugs me; i don't really know any stories from Dad's mission. Sure, there's the Gaigene taking pictures of the Yacuza, but that's about it, and you all know that i have "perfected" the telling of that story. So, what happened in those two years? Who did you have the chance to meet? Where was your favorite place to serve, and why? Any other things and tales to tell? I've been getting really curious, and you know how stubborn i am when i want to know something....

That should about do it now. Thanks for listening to my weekly rambling.

Love and Insanity,
Elder Stuver

Monday, February 10, 2014


Here are the Photos as promised! Any captions were assigned by Nathanael, and since I'm not sure of the dates of each activity, I'll just categorize the events.

Missionary Clue
Missionary Clue

The Suspects 

Elenore Rigby


The Culprit

So Much Who Done It

More Who Done It 


And Again

And and again

Colonel Mustard--Breen and Stuver

Colonel Mustard 



Sister Breen

Skill Check of the Year 

The Butler did it 

The Reveal

Winter Carnival

Before Maynard

Before Stuver

Elder Fuller and Elder Mitchel

Brother Anderson

Elder Knighten and Elder Boswell

Elder Patterson and Elder Heniger

Sister Seich and Sister Poynter