Monday, July 14, 2014

7/14/2014: Email Update--Halfway

Dear Everyone,

Halfway Day was interesting; i actually forgot that it was halfway until the day was almost done. As for how it feels now, just about the same as before, except for now i say, "Just over a year," rather than, "Just under a year." However, if this year goes as fast as the last one, I'll see you tomorrow!!

This week was pretty standard. We worked with a lot of the same people, such as Michael, Sis. Gage, Sis. Fitskey. Along with those people, we went back and visited the lady that we tracked into last week, Shary, and found out that she and her son had both started reading the Book of Mormon, pretty much on their own, seeing as they started from the beginning rather than in the scripture we left. We had another good long chat were we discussed the basics of what we believe, and how the church is organized, and some of what they were planning on doing in the next little bit of their lives. Turns out, they are planning on going on a 200 mile motorcycle ride in the next week, the longest one that Michael, the son, will have been on. So, we invited them to the "Come and See" thing that is going on down at the church this Tuesday (just a video "the Church at a Glance" and a tour of the building, with some classes on what goes on where) and we think that they might be able to come to it. Keep your/our fingers crossed!

That is pretty much the size of this last week. Thank you for everything, and hope that your lives are fun!

Love and Insanity, Elder Stuver.

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