Monday, July 21, 2014

Email Update: 7/21/2014

​Dear Everyone,

This week had some fun parts to it, and a lot of annoying companion... Well, let's get started then!

The biggest news for this week is that Michael (the 14 year-old) has a baptismal date! it's set for August 2, with the 3rd as the confirmation date. Michael is the boy with downs that we have been working with for a good couple months, and we just set the date last night, after finishing the last of the lessons we teach. The reason we wait for so long (usually we set a date at about the second or third discussion if possible, sooner if they are ready) is so that we could be sure that he is understanding at least a good part of what we are teaching. I said it before, and I'll say it again; Elder Richardson is instrumental in helping him learn. Last night we were teaching about Temples and Eternal Marriage, and though every work i said might have passed over Michael's head, Elder Richardson's drawings made quite the impact. Michael's parents are also huge in helping him to understand the harder points--which is to be expected; they spend the most time with him out of anyone. All in all, Michael seems to be picking up more than i had honestly expected him to. I feel like this baptism will help him to learn and grow even more than he already has.

Another funny thing that happened this week has to do with Shary and Michael (the 19 year old this week). We went over to their house on Friday, and as soon as we knocked, Shary opened the door and said, "It's not Thursday!" Apparently, the last couple of weeks we have been by their home on Thursday with out realizing it was the same day. So, we now have a set appointment for Thursdays! In any case, both of them seem to be doing really well, though Shary is having some health troubles that she is going in to the doctors to have checked out in a few days. She's holding up well, though, and seems to be in good spirits for the most part. Some good new (but slightly sardonic) is that it was Michael's birthday this week! ...On Thursday. Yep. That's just how the cookie crumbles, I guess. He showed us his birthday present that his parents got him--a $40 lever-assist open pocket knife, 440 steel, black finish, tanto edge. Yeah. I was drooling a little. (Not too much, thank goodness; it went unnoticed, for the most part.) They were unable to make it to the Come and See thing, but we read a little out of the Family: A Proclamation to the World with them, and invited them to finish it themselves. They had read some of the Book of Mormon, but they said that it was a little harder to understand, so they hadn't read much. I think that the Proclamation should be a little easier for them to grasp, and that it will show how similar we are about caring for our families.

That is most of the cool things that happened this week, so I might as well rant just a little. Elder Richie has been having a lot of fun this past week with a certain new toy that we acquired; a concert ukulele. Almost every spare minute we have, he is playing one song or another. That in and of itself wouldn't bug me, except for this; he sings along to what he is playing, and though he does know how to sing well (i've heard him do it when he slipped up once), he makes the conscious choice not to do so! He sings so off key that it actually gives me a headache for the rest of the day!! Add that to the fact that he keeps trying to get me to sing on film, and i'm surprised that i haven't had to take advil yet (or maybe i should have, and i'm just as stubborn... eh, who cares). Well, at least that's all that he does; it could be much, much worse.

Well, that about wraps things up here. Thank you all for all that you do, and have great lives!!!!

Love and Insanity, Elder Stuver

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