Monday, August 4, 2014

Email Update: 8/4/2014

Dear Everyone,

Things are going pretty well, with us being able to contact some of the people that we had been trying to, and a down week, with us not being able to contact a lot of the people that we had been trying to. We were able to finally meet some of the people on a list that one of the Bishops had given us, to try and see who is still in the ward; sadly, most of them wanted nothing to do with us. Oh well, that's just a part of the mission life. As for some of the awesome stuff for this week, we did get to see Michael C, the motorcycle minister family, after their 500 mile ride, and it seemed like they all had a great time, especially because no one got hurt on this ride. We were able to spend some time getting to know him a little bit more, and leave a thought on service. 

The next cool thing was Michael M, the 14 year old who we had been working with. He was baptized August 2, 2014, and confirmed the next day! I was really worried the day of the baptism, because his mom had told us about how afraid of the water he was,but when it came right down to it, it was actually one of the most normal baptisms that i had been a part of on my mission. When Michael came up out of the water, he took a huge gasp,  like you do after you think--well, after you thought you were going to drown, and he was a little jittery, but all in all, he did great!  Even better, it only took one try, which is also a first for my mission. It was pretty close; he was only all the way under for a second before his foot popped out of the water. Still, he did go all the way, and he did it because he wanted to, not because anyone told him to, which is always one of my big concerns when baptizing younger kids. I always want to be sure that the person know what they want, and are making choices based on what they actually believe, and not just on what a parent says to do. And this time, because i could tell just how nervous Michael was getting into the water, i knew that he was doing this, not his parents. It was really cool to see.

Those are really the highlights of this last week. Thank you for the stories that you tell me!

Love and Insanity,
Elder Stuver

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