Monday, September 2, 2013

Email Update: 9/2/2013--Transfer 2

Dear Everyone,

It has been really cool here in New Plymouth. Today is the start of my 2nd transfer, and i get to stay here with Elder Jarvis. Emily is still going strong, and she's started going to the YSA ward, so that she feels more comfortable. Everything went really smooth, and if felt like she was learning a lot. She brought her daughter as well, and she was really quiet and calm. (she fell asleep in sacrament meeting; she snores XD )

We have bee having a harder time getting in touch with Kathy, so we're not quite sure how she is doing, but we do know that she is going through some rough times, and that she may be moving to Vale Oregon, where she grew up. If so, she will be out of our area, and the Vale Elders will start teaching her. Last we saw her though, we taught the Plan of Salvation, and it seemed to stick really well with her. I feel like she is coming to know that it's true.

Another one of our investigators, Dan, just moved out of his (ex) girlfriends house, and seems like he is just about ready to be baptized. We think that we are going set a date for just before the end of this transfer, and it. will. be. Awesome.

I had a true Chinese meal two nights ago. My mouth is still watering, it was so good. i miss oriental food... *sniff sniff*

Well, that just about covers it this week.

Love Elder Stuver

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