Monday, August 26, 2013

Email Update: 8/26/2013--Two Stories

Here's Nathanael's most recent letter. I linked the scripture to the chapter, but you'll have to scroll down to the proper verses yourself.

Hi Everyone,

I'm doing really well, and we have a new investigator named Emily, who seems like she is going to get baptized; she wandered into church all on her own one Sunday, and is 15 chapters into Gospel Principles. We just taught her Lesson 2, the Plan of Salvation, and even though I blanked when Elder Jarvis asked me to lead on the Atonement part of the lesson, we were able to fix it, (and I did well when someone else led into a topic), and we had a really good lesson. She said that it was pretty much perfect timing for her to learn this, because she was just coming up on the 2 year mark of 2 of her friends dying, right around the same time. Now she knows that they are in a good place, that she will see them again, and that they will all be happy.

One more cool story before I finish. There is a Part member family in New Plymouth 1st ward named John and Sandy. John is not a member and Sandy is, and we have been visiting them a little bit, and seeing Sandy quite a bit while we have been helping a 93 year old man named Brother Humble fix up his house and his yard. (Just saying, I wish I had remembered my camera on Saturday; that was the biggest pile of weeds I have ever seen in my life!!!) On Saturday, after 2 hours of weeding and cleaning up his yard, Brother Humble threw a Pot luck at his home, so that he could show off all the work that Sandy had done on the place. At the Pot luck, John and Sandy walk up to me, and John hands me a quad set of scriptures, leather bound with tabs, and the scripture Alma 46:12-20 embossed on the front cover. "That's for you. We thought that you could use a new set of these." That was John who said this, and I remembered him saying that they were going get me some, just in passing at a dinner appointment a week ago. John isn't a member, just reminding. I was just about speechless; all I could say was "Thank you" about three or five times. To me this shows just how awesome people can be, and how much we need to try and be the same.

Well, that's all I got for now. Thanks again for the letter, and please keep me updated.

Love, Elder Stuver

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