Monday, September 23, 2013

Email Update: 9/23/2013

Dear Family,

This week there have been a few cool things, a few frustrating times, and a lot of inbetweens.

One of the cool things is that Emily, the lady who wandered into church on her own, had a baptismal date, set for July 27th. The reason it's so far out is because she wants to read the whole Bible (and yes, she does mean the Bible and not the Book of Mormon; we checked) before she get's baptized. When she heard how long it can actually take from Elder Jarvis (he said that he's only 800 pages in and has been reading since he came out to the mission field), she said that she may end up making it sooner, so our next appointment we will teach about the qualifications for baptism, and how to feel that you are ready to make the covenent.

Another cool thing was a fireside that happened just yesterday in some of our zone's stake. It was all on  missionary work, and it started off with Elder Holland's talk on when the Savior asked if Peter loved Him. It really set the tone on missionary work, and after that, the people split up into 5 different groups to answer anonymous questions on different aspects of missionary work in everyday life. The section that Elder Jarvis and I covered was on working with less-active members and with recent converts, and i feel like we really got the idea into peoples heads that the best way to start working with people is by making a friend, and focusing on that before you try and convert someone. In fact, in my opinion, you shouldn't be thinking so much about trying to convert someone as about learning to love them and to get to know them. Anyways, that went really well, and it felt like people had a spark of sharing after the meeting.

Something a little frustrating about this week was last night, when a member of one of the ward councils flat out refused to try to hand out a Book of Mormon, saying that he just wouldn't do it--in those words precisely. It was annoying that he didn't want to even try, or just keep it on him. It kind of put a damper on the rest of the day.

As for the inbetweens, a lot of it involves a lot of amazing food (including breakfast for dinner last night--waffles!!), too much down time, and a lot of trying to find people to teach during the day and on Saturdays. That, and a little Stephen Colbert when we visit one of our ward missionaries (just when we get there; then he turns it off).

Well, that's the size of this week. I love you, and still want to hear how your lives are going too.

Love Elder Stuver

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