Monday, September 16, 2013

Email Update: 9/16/2013

Dear Familie,

Yeah, things have been going pretty well. The talk was just on missionary work, and how to do it simply and in your everyday life. It's alright about the SD card; the baby's more important. I did get the link to the pictures; she. is. TINY. Funny that she likes Japanese TV; have you and Mario been rubbing off on her already, Dad? Have them try running it all day to see how long she will watch--maybe they can keep her up all day and she'll fall asleep at night. Why does it not surprise me that Lilly likes Grandpa best? Oh, that's right--every baby does.

Things have been pretty much the same here, with a lot of emptier days and lots of food at night. I got the chance to teach Debbie, the lady who had cancer just a month ago and is only in her thirties. We taught the Plan of Salvation, and she asked a lot of really good questions, along with her son, Ryan. I felt like they understood what we were teaching, and that they felt like it made sense. Yesterday, i went over to John's house (the one who gave me the quad) and we had a good family home evening. Other than a lot of political talk, it went really well.

Well, that's about it. I hope things continue to go well for all of you and Lilly Mei.

Elder Stuver

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