Monday, August 5, 2013

Email Update: 8/5/2013

Nathanael asked that everyone was aware that the Mission Home forwards mail and packages, so please send everything through the USPS--especially for packages, use Priority Mail  rather than FedEx or UPS. 

Here's the Mission Home address:
Idaho Nampa Mission Office
1008 W Sanetta
Nampa, ID 83651-5047

The Mission Home address is also listed in his Contact Information section.

I asked Nathanael a few questions about his mission, and here is his answer:

Being out in the field is a lot more easy going then we were lead to believe. Because there aren't a lot of investigators or referrals (and my companion hates tracting), there isn't as much going as i thought there would be.The easiest part of being a missionary is eating. I can say with utter confidence that i have never eaten as well as i have in the last week and a half. The hardest part is trying to find new people to teach. Like i said before, there aren't many referrals, and my comp hates tracting, so finding opportunities are slim. My area is New Plymouth Idaho, with one ward in Fruitland. My companion is named Elder Bryce Jarvis, and he's pretty cool.

There are your questions answered. Now for a short story time. 
I was able to participate in the baptism of a 9 year-old girl (as a witness, then in the confirmation) on the Saturday after i came into the field, and it was a great experience. Her name is Roxy Kitchen, and she is really smart. Then this week i was able to give the first blessing in my life, to a young girl with exima (however you spell that) named Kayla Topps. I was so surprised that she wanted me to give the blessing, and was nerve-wracked the whole time, but i felt like i was able to say what Heavenly Father wanted me to, and in the way that she needed to hear.

Seemed like time was short, so that's all he had to say, and unfortunately he hasn't sent any pictures yet. Still no card reader, I guess.

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