Monday, August 12, 2013

Email Update: 8/12/2013--An Average Day, Plus a Lesson!

Here's Nathanael's email from this week, and guess what? He even sent a picture!

The most average day is:
6:30) Try to wake up
6:45) Zombie walk to the shower
7:30) Get out, get dressed, and study
11:00) Head out, and try and think of someone to teach.
9:00pm) Head home after a bunch of fruitless calls, some appointments falling through, and a dinner appointment with the members (where everyone tries to outdo the last family-hence the having eaten better than ever).
10:30) Try to fall asleep for a few hours.
This week there was a cool story, however. We were able to teach a lady named Kathy Tamez, and the lesson went really well, apart from my jumping off on 50 different tangents in 5 minutes. We started by teaching the Plan of Salvation, and then I ended by dumping a ton of simple doctrine, and assigning a reading that might have confused her (the intro to the BoM, and the other stuff before 1 Nephi). However, even with that, I could see things fall into place in her mind, and how it all started to make sense to her. It didn't hurt that she said just that herself, about halfway through the lesson. I feel like we said what she needed to hear this time, and I know to focus a little more the next time. Along with that, she said that she skimmed the BoM before the lesson (she had asked for any "literature" when we had helped with her yard a while back), and said that her daughter had picked it up as well. I feel like things are going well with both of them, and I am starting to get a little excited about it.
Nathanael's Companion: ElderJarvis

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