Monday, June 22, 2015

Email Update: 6/22/2015

Dear Everyone,

Wow! I guess that it's officially decided that I'll have another new family member to meet when I get home! I really like the name Miyuki, by the way, and I'm not surprised that it ended up not being the cat's name---I found it really strange that such a Japanese name would be on such an American cartoon. Most of all, congratulations, Michaela, Mario and Mei-chan!

I hope everyone had a good Fathers' Day, and let everyone included know that I say Happy Fathers' Day!! Honestly, I've felt for a long time that dads kind of get left to the side a lot, and I don't think that's right. I hope all of the dads who read this, especially mine, know that your role is huge, and without you, life is not nearly as wonderful. You are the examples in your children's lives, and there is no other man on earth that makes the same impression on a child. Even when you think we aren't, we are always watching you, trying to make you happy, and to live in a way that you would want us to. Thank you, so much, for being our dads.

As for me this week, let's say that it was interesting. Elder Twigg must have caught something at church last week, because from Monday on, he was sick as a dog. He had a fluctuating temperature, dizziness, sensitive skin, and of course, always tired. So, we ended up in the house almost the whole week. The thing is, being sick on the mission is even harder than being sick at home, because you don't have any of the usual distractions. You sit in the house all day, with nothing but your scriptures, three videos that you have seen over a hundred times, and your missionary library, which I've already finished reading (Our Search for Happiness is really good, by the way. Short, but powerful). At the same time, you have all this time, with nothing to distract you from studying the scriptures, three very spiritual videos, and a library filled with new things to learn. On top of that, time somehow managed to still fly, even when we weren't able to go out. Moral of the story? Even with something like this, the Lord still found ways to teach through the mission. I just hate hearing what sounds like my companion coughing out his lungs. 

Seriously, that's about it for this week. Not the best, but still good. Hope yours was better!

Love and Insanity,
Elder Stuver

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