Monday, April 27, 2015

Email Update: 4/27/2015

Dear Everyone,

Thank you for the birthday wishes! It was a low-key birthday, which is about what you expect out here. We actually spent most of the day doing yard work around the church building, then we went over to the Lemckes home and helped Jim paint their ceilings. I think that the only special thing we did for my birthday was go out to eat. Memo to me, just because a restaurant gave a free birthday meal to one person, does not mean they will necessarily do it for you. I'm glad I didn't get the super expensive meal!

As for the rest of the week, things were pretty slow this time around. We did have a couple of really good visits with a less active lady named Alisha. She has been having a hard time with her non-member husband, who while not actively working against her coming back to church, has been acting in ways to make it difficult. Alisha has been really trying to work towards going to the temple, including paying tithing, quitting coffee and other Word of Wisdom issues, and coming to church whenever her work schedule allows it. That one has been really bothering her, because she's asked to have Sundays off, and was even told that she could, but they keep scheduling her anyways. We were able to let her know that she is trying, that Heavenly Father knows it, and that as long as she keeps trying, it'll all work out. Elder Reischman gave her a blessing yesterday, which she was really appreciative for, and she will figure it all out.

We also were able to start teaching the full discussions to Dan. We had been talking about doing so for a while, and we finally taught the first one yesterday. The only problem is our timing---he had just woken up from a nap, so he was pretty much out of it. We aren't too sure how much he actually understood, so the next time we go over, we are going to run at least a quick refresher course before starting the next one. Dan is still doing really well after his mom passed, and I'm really impressed with how much he trusts that he will see her again. He says that he still can't eat a triple Cheese Burger from McDonalds, but other then that, he is really ok. I hope that it stays that way, and that he will continue to work at coming back to church.

Finally, it's less then a week until Kodi (I've been spelling his name wrong this whole time---sorry) gets baptized! It'll be a bit of a crazy week for us, since we still have a whole lesson and a baptismal interview before Saturday, but I know that it will work out. I still am not used to having someone take notes while we teach; it's a bit of a heady feeling! I just have to remember that it's not really me who is teaching, but the Spirit, which Kodi is super in tune with. In our last lesson, we taught on the Commandments, and one of his comments was that he wished that he had known all of these earlier in his life. He told us that his trip with the Lallatins was awesome, and that they were able to visit the Draper and SLC temples as well as the Payson open house. Kodi's favorite one was the Draper---even though it was wet and rainy, he made everyone get out so that he could touch it. I think that he is excited for Saturday.

Well, I think those are the major points from this week. Thank you all again for everything, and I hope that you have a good week!

Love and Insanity, Elder Stuver

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