Monday, April 20, 2015

Email Update: 4/20/2015

Dear Everyone,

I hope all of your weeks went well! Ours was a little slow, but we did have some really good times throw in here and there. We've been progressing really well with Cody, and he is getting both more excited and more nervous every day as his baptism gets closer. We just taught the first half of the Commandments yesterday, and he reiterated that he's been doing most of them already. I can't say how cool it is to see people making good choices on their own, simply because they are learning the truth. On top of that, Cody is actually going down to Utah this weekend with Audrey's (his girlfriend) family, for her graduation from BYU. While they are down there, they were able to get tickets to go to the Payson Temple Open House! I can't think of a much better way for him to get ready for his baptism then feeling the Spirit as strongly as he will there. 

We also have gotten to see how Lindsey has been doing after her baptism, and it's been really great. The way she put it, it's been getting better and better every day, and she's starting to really recognize how she has the Spirit more in her life. We learned about the Sacrament in Gospel Principles yesterday, and she was saying how she can feel that fresh, clean feeling that she did after her baptism every week when she takes bread and water. She also mentioned how that feeling starts to wane toward the end of each week, so that she looks forward to Sundays to take it again. There are two of the Ward missionaries working with her through the New Member discussions, and one of them is actually Audrey, so she is in very good hands. 

Finally, we got to see the girl from Dairy Queen again, and the first things she said when we pulled up to the window was, "I didn't make it! But I'll try to make it this week." We also were able to get her name this time, Mira. 
Sadly, she still didn't, but I've got a really good feeling that she will soon. She seems to really want to come, and that desire is one of the most important steps to getting to church. If she really wants it, she will find a way to make it, and I really do think that she really wants it. All that needs to happen is for her to look to Christ for a hand when things get in the way. When she does, she'll make it to church, and when she makes it to church, she will feel the Spirit testify that she made the right choice.

Those are the major things from this week. I hope you all have a good one, and that you are happy!

Love and Insanity,
Elder Stuver

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