Monday, April 13, 2015

Email Update: 4/13/2015

Dear Everyone,

Don't worry, pictures will come, as soon as I can steal them from Elder Reischman---my charger cord for my camera disappeared somewhere along the line, so i can't get any off of mine. Tell the M's that i say good luck, and I hope they will still be able to see me when I get home! 

Speaking of home, I got something very unexpected in the mail today. In missionary lingo, they are known as your "pre-trunks," or the form that you fill out and send back to the mission office, detailing your departure schedule. (Your actual departure papers are known as "trunky papers"). So, it kind of just hit me that I really only have a few months left. Yikes. Just so that you all know what I had in mind, I was hoping to fly home, so if anyone had other ideas *coughcoughmom*, they should let me know.

 As for stories for this week, we had one cool one, that's mostly a continuation of last week's. Because of general conference falling on the weekend Lindsey was baptized, she was confirmed a member yesterday! I had to laugh a bit; she said that she was just as dizzy after the confirmation as she was after her baptism. I was able to explain that baptism and confirmation are two parts to the same whole, so it would only make sense that she would feel similar after both experiences. All in all, things have been going very well for her, with the only sad thing being that, now that she has been baptized, her parents, especially Lindsey's mom, are getting some flack from some of their coworkers, and it's starting to freak them out about all of this. Nick has apparently been great about trying to teach and testify to the things that he knows, and to answer their question and concerns, but Lindsey's mom is still having a hard time with all of it. We were able to talk to Lindsey and Nick, and give them some suggestions about how to help her mom specifically to overcome the different things that are thrown at her, and in spite of all of this, Lindsey is still going strong, and is learning and growing more and more. 

One other cool story, that happened Saturday night. Elder Reischman is a huge fan of Dairy Queen, so right before we headed home for the night, we went through the drive through, and he ordered a shake. When we got to the window, one of the girls working there first complimented his tie (a really good looking pink paisley), then asked if we were with the LDS church. We said yes, and she asked what time things started tomorrow, and that she would try to make it. It was really cool to see, and even though she didn't end up making it, it was pretty much a direct answer to a prayer of mine, that we would be guided to those who were prepared to receive the gospel. Now, we just need to catch her again and set up a ride for her this next Sunday

I think that I will call it there for this week, with a huge thank you for every thing that you do for me, and all of the prayers that you say on my behalf.

Love and Insanity,
Elder Stuver 

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