Monday, January 26, 2015

Email Update: 1/26/2015

Dear Everyone,

Actually, Oregon is awesome so far! We've been teaching a bit (mostly just old contacts from past missionaries), and we were able to have two lessons at tracted doors. No interest as of yet, but things should be picking up as we get to know the area a bit more. Honestly, That's all that i have on me right now. I promise to send a huge letter next week to make up. For now, just know that I appreciate all of the prayers that are said, and all of the time that is spent in helping me and all of the missionaries in the field. 

Love, Elder Stuver

P.S. Shotgunning is a crazy experience, and not one that i would repeat, but not too bad either. Tell Sarah that i said Hi, and that it's so weird to hav left before her, and get home after her.

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