Monday, January 19, 2015

Email Update: 1/19/2015--Transfers!

Dear Everyone,

Sounds like things are pretty crazy for you at work, Dad. I hope that it's not too bad, and i'm glad to hear that no one had to be laid off---that always makes it nicer. 

As it turns out, i have a bit of news of my own. Today was transfer day, and i'm now serving in John Day, Oregon. In case you are wondering where that is, it's in the middle of nowhere, past Baker City. It's the extreme western end of the mission, and we cover around 120 square miles. I'm so glad we get a car. My new companion is named Elder Reischman, from Phoenix, Arizona. The thing is, they haven't had missionaries in the area for almost a transfer, due to a car wreck by the last set. So, we are going to be reopening the area. This is my first time "shotgunning" an area, so things should be fun. This is where the Area Book comes into play, so i hope that things were done well by the past elders. 

All in all, things should be fun. 

Actually, something really cool about this new area. Last night, i asked Elder Riley for a blessing before getting transferred. In that blessing, i was promised that we would have baptisms in John Day, and that the work which had been slow, will pick up. Soooooooo... I'm psyched. 

That's honestly the major things from this week. That and the fact that we had a day where we taught nine different lessons, and found two new investigators from shoveling people's snow. Woot.

Love and Insanity, Elder Stuver

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