Monday, December 22, 2014

Email Update: 12/22/2014

Dear Everyone,

Thank you for everything you all have sent! Yes, I did get the package, and Elder Riley made sure that i didn't see anything in there when he separated the wrapped from the unwrapped; he insists that i don't see anything until Christmas. I guess i can understand that, but i still want to know what was unwrapped in the box that he needed to hide from me...

Anyways, this week has been hectic, but at the same time really slow. We had a bunch of meetings, including Zone Conference, a lunch with President Cannon, Stake Missionary Correlation, and of course all of the early morning Sunday meetings. Zone Conference was on Wednesday, and went from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. It was long. It was really good even so, but long meetings are always harder. I do have to brag just a little though; this was one of the few Zone Conferences that i DIDN'T fall asleep in the last section (though it was a close call)! I still am having trouble with that, even a year and a half into the mission, and it's really bugging me. Oh well, we all have our struggles.

I'm still not sure when we will be skyping, but i'll try for around 12:00 to 1:00, when ever that works best for the family that we are going to do it at. As for us, i don't think that we will be sleeping in very much this year. Sometimes i wish, but for some reason it never happens. I wonder why that is...

I think that i'll leave it at that for now (though i apologize to the other people who may read these things), so that i have something to talk about Thursday.

Merry Christmas!!!

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