Monday, April 21, 2014

Email Update: 4/21/2014--Baptisms!

Yeah, the main big news is that my mission gets to use face book!!!! We use it as a teaching tool, and to get in contact with people that we have a harder time with out it. It's a two hour a day thing, and it's pretty awesome. It's definitely a little weird, but it's really fun, and I get to spend time watching and reading a lot more on Christ from

Along with that, Samantha just got baptized on Saturday! She'd been waiting for a long time, almost 6 years according to her, but husbands had been getting in the way (the first one nixed it when the font was filled, and the other was clinically crazy. He's in New York now.), but now she was able to have the decision be totally hers, and she was really happy, even though she is possibly the shyest person I have ever met. It was a little crazy, because the person who baptized her had to do the prayer 6 times, and baptize her three times, but it went really well.

We have another baptism on Tuesday, for an 18 year old named Louis, and he is just plain rock solid. He was introduced when a friend of his decided to fix her crazy streak, and was able to quit smoking along with starting to come back to church, and just living better. As Louis saw all this, he wanted to why, and most of all, how she was able to do it. So, Heidi taught him what she knew, and gave him a book of Mormon. 3 weeks later, we are sitting down teaching him, he's 1/2 way through the 2nd book of Nephi, and has quit smoking for two weeks. Now, he is two months clean, and is just about to get baptized. Yes, very rock solid.

We honestly didn't do very much on Easter. We had dinner with a really cool family, and that was about it. It's alright; we didn't really want to get in between family's time on Easter.

Thank you for getting the picture to Seminary; i need to have some kind of legacy there! ;) Thank you for the happy birthday (from everyone), and have a grrrrrrrrreat week! 

Love and insanity, Elder Stuver

P.S. Jeffrey at Prom? Now I feel old!!

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