Monday, April 14, 2014

Email Update: 4/14/2014--Now on Facebook!

Dear Familie,

Thanks for all of the stories, they really make my day. Rock climbing?!?!? I want to come...

Not surprised that Denton wanted to hire Dad, Dad's just awesome like that; I'm the one who needs an accountant.

Yes, on call is lousy. But, huge datenightintheafternoons are fun.

I'm glad you all liked General Conference, I really liked it too. And thanks for the daily herald thing, it was fun to read.

This week has been interesting. We only taught two lessons to non members, but we taught 21 lessons to less active members, 13 of which were in one ward. Along with that, even though we only taught a couple lessons to people, we still had a lot of non members show up to church. The only real problem was a lot of our investigators are going through health problems right now (one has a spinal cord that is trying to pinch itself in the vertebrae, another has her brain trying to move from her head into her spine), so those people were not at church, and we weren't able to set appointments with the second family. Other than that, all of them are doing great. In fact, two of our investigators were interviewed for baptism, and both passed! So, we now have a baptism on Friday, and one tentatively set for next Tuesday, Samantha and Louis respectively. 

Through all of this, I've been getting to know Elder Painter, and so far, things are awesome. He's a fan of 1950's commercials and other old stuff, and he is very relaxed and easy to work with (most of the time). Elder Painter is from Gilbert, Arizona, and he actually lives right down the street from the new Gilbert temple, though it was still under construction when he left for his mission. He worked at his family's auto body shop before his mission (and most of his life before that), so his art is on cars, not on canvas. To top it all off, he has all of the common sense that I lack, and he's kind enough to tell me when I need to pay attention to what I'm doing, so we get along just fine.

That pretty much sums up my week up here. Thank you so much for everything that you do, and all of the prayers that you say.

Love and Insanity, Elder Stuver.

P.S. We get to use Facebook and other social media for two hours a day now!!! So if you find any good Easter stuff, please send it to me. The theme that we are working with is "Because of Him," so anything that comes to mind i'd appreciate

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