Monday, December 9, 2013

Email Update: 12/9/2013: Q&A

This week, Nathanael didn't respond in a normal letter fashion. My parents asked questions and he answered directly below. Here's the email (bold=parents):

Dear Nathanael,

What are you doing for Christmas?
I honestly don't know just yet, but on the 18th there is going to be a Christmas Zone Conference with a White Elephant exchange, and i think that i already have the gift that i'm going to bring. It's a little finger that I carved (basing i off of my thumb) with a ring on it. I'm debating whether i should try to carve CTR onto it, because i don't know if i have that kind of skill just yet. (for further info on Christmas, continue to next question)

Will you be calling on Christmas? When?
I will be calling on Christmas, kind of. One of the Part Member Families that we have been visiting offered to have us over to use their iGadgets to Face-Time, so that we can see you as well as hear you. As for what time that will happen, that is yet to be announced. I'll let you know when we get it all set up.

Is it cold? How cold?
Yes, yes, yes, yes,yes. Yesterday, it hit -16*, with 6 inches of snow on the ground. It's cold. The funniest part of that, however, isn't everyone wrapped up like Eskimos. It isn't even California Boy (Elder Myers) going crazy over it. The Funniest part is how everyone we talk to all say that "this doesn't usually happen," "Never this early," and "My Son said when we were moving here you're moving to the Banana Belt of Idaho. I still have yet to see it..."

Do you still need boots? Any other cold weather gear?
I could still use some boots, but other than that, i'm all covered.

How did the Open house go?
....It flopped. We were sad. Our High Councilor blames it on the fact that the Program was in the Chapel, so it was Sunday Dress code. However, I feel like Elder Myers and i put in the effort that the situation required, so i feel like, on our part of it, it was a success. The Ward Christmas Party that was attached was really well attended, and was one of the most decked-out productions that i have ever seen. Elder Myers and I even had a picture taken on a full blown sleigh that they had dragged onto the stage. As soon as it gets emailed from the photographer, i'll forward it to you.

How did the baptism go?
That one went amazing. Emily didn't seem nervous at all, and her non-member parents even showed up from Eureka, Nevada in order to see it. we got to meet the both of them, along with her grandma, who got her started going to church in the first place, and all three of them were really great people. Jerry Jones, one of the first members to meet and get to know Emily, was the one who baptized her, and Brother Kim Ellis, our Ward Mission Leader in the 2nd ward, confirmed her in Sacrament Meeting the next day. Funny part of the baptism's program, the speakers, who had both already been called, ended up getting there late, so we had 2 different talks on baptism, one from Anna Rupp, the one that Emily asked to do it, and one from Brother Postlewait, a Ward Missionary from the Second ward, whom brother Ellis had asked to give in case Sister Rupp didn't show up. Sister Rupp got there after Brother Postlewait had finished 3/4's of his talk, so we got both.

We hope that the baptism and the open house went well and that the spirit was strong. Keep up the good work. Keep the faith. Love you!

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