Monday, December 23, 2013

Email Update: 12/23/2013

Dear Everyone,

I kind of figured that things might work their way back to our original method of writing... ;) Yes, i got both of your packages. Thank you very much. 

Things have been going pretty good this last week (and so on). Emily's baptism went fairly smooth, with the only hiccup being that we got to listen to two different talks on baptism, because the one who was scheduled to speak originally ended up being a little late. Nichole did end up moving, so we aren't sure how she's doing right now; she decided not to tell us when they were headed out, so we never got an address from her. 

As for this week, we had one of our most productive weeks ever. (I'm going to tack one extra Friday, because something kind of fun happened.) On Friday, We were given an opportunity that really surprised me, because i'd never heard of it happening. Thursday night, we got a call from Brother Double, the Seminary Teacher in New Plymouth. Turns out, he was going to be out of town tomorrow, and needed someone to substitute for his two classes. So, we were able to teach Seminary at the High School. It was actually really weird, because he didn't leave us a lesson plan, so for the first class, we were really just winging it. Luckily, we were doing something that i'm actually fairly good at; learning about a chapter in the Book of Mormon, specifically Alma 7. So, by the second class, things went really smoothly.

On Monday, after Preparation Day, we went to a member's home, named the Waters, and taught their daughter, who is just about to turn 8, the Plan of Salvation. It was quite the time trying to find a way to say something that she would understand, without using hugenormous words that she wouldn't know yet. I think that we did a good job, however, and it was great practice for simplifying things down, and not using Mormon Jargon. After that lesson, we went over to a different members' home, and participated in the New Member Discussions (NMD) for the Roses, Seth and Keely. It ended up being pretty much the first half of the Message of the Restoration, along with watching the Nativity Bible video at What was cool along with that, is that Sherelle's (the kids' mom) sister in law was there as well, and she wasn't a member. When i offered her my scriptures to follow along, she gladly accepted, and said thanks after the lesson. So, i think that there is some great potential for an investigator there.

Wednesday comes next, with the Christmas Zone Conference. We went down to Caldwell and started at 9, going all the way till three. We sang lots of songs, heard a cool story about a gas station owner, and had a white elephant exchange (i got a fruit box---yay.)

Our next big day was really---the next Friday, when everything pretty much fell on us all at once. We had the first NMD with Emily, we had the Second Ward's Christmas party (where we met another potential investigator), and we had another appointment---that i can't think of right now. Oh well.

Well, i think that pretty much covers it for now. For more information, wait two more days.

Love Elder Stuver

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