Monday, November 25, 2013

Email Update: 11/25/2013

Dear Everyone,
 This week has been even crazier than then last one, because of all of the things we have been doing to get ready for a church open house that is coming up in just a few weeks. We are going to have 4 different rooms set up, using the four different lessons from Preach my Gospel as the bases for each room. In Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, we are planning on having the Mormon Message "the Restoration" playing in the background, with a Q&A table set up with the most common questions about Joseph Smith, etc. The Plan of Salvation room is going to have the different principle of the lesson set up as before life, during life, the Atonement, and after life. The rest of the rooms are set up in similar styles. We spoke to our High Councilor and our Ward Mission leader, and with a few suggestions from each, we got it set up really smoothly.
Along with the Open house, we have Emily's baptism coming up. She already has asked a man named Jerry to baptize her, so what we need to do now is--everything else.
Nichole is doing well, with just one problem, one which I will keep confidential. Other wise, things are going great there.
We have been spending a lot of time at Jason's home, and just this last time we were over there, his father actually showed us a Masonic Ceremonial Sword, that had to be at least 1890's. I feel like the family is really growing to trust us, and feel comfortable around us.
That about does it for this week. Thank you for all of your prayers.
Love Elder Stuver 

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