Monday, November 11, 2013

Email Update: 11/10/2013

Dear Everyone,

As far as Seth and Keely's baptism is concerned, everything went really well, at least according to all the people who said something to Elder Myers and me. Sharelle ended up already having planned most of it, and the parts that she hadn't pretty much fell into place. Sharelle's brother did end up still being there on Sunday, so that went well. The baptism ended up being so well attended that we needed to move from the baptismal room to the chapel for most of the program! It was great to see Justin help out where he could during the baptism, and we made sure to have him sigh the paperwork approving the baptism, so that he had a major role in the baptism.

Emily is still amazing. We were able to have Jason, a less active man that we have been working with, come to her appointment with us on Friday, and the lesson went really well for the both of them. She is coming to the Second ward regularly now, and Gospel Principles class was really smooth yesterday. She had been having a little trouble before, because a few people had been trying to get her opinion during the class, and she really does not like to be put on the spot. That fact was something that had been making her nervous about her baptism, but then something really cool happened...

Nichole, who we've been having a hard time getting a hold of, was finally able to set another appointment with us for this last Thursday. We went and taught her and Lane (her boyfriend) the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Within the first ten minutes of the lesson, we asked if she would be willing to be baptized on December 7th, and she said that her boss had just asked her the same thing earlier that day, and she had said that the only reason that she hadn't was because nobody had asked her. Then, when we posed the question again (just to be sure), she said that yes, she would be baptized. After she made that commitment, Elder Myers asked Lane if he would be willing to prepare himself to be the one to baptize Nichole, and, after some doubts were taken care of, he agreed as well. 

All in all, it's been a really good week. 

I hope that your weeks have been going well for you too, and that they will continue to do so.

Love your Crazy Corespondent,
Elder Nathanael Stuver

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