Monday, February 23, 2015

Email Update: 2/23/2015

Dear Everyone,

First off, the Dyslexie font just looks like Times New Romans to me...

Anyways, we didn't end up doing anything really cool for President's Day---I've noticed that Monday holidays don't mean that much to a missionary. It was just another P-Day, which I guess is pretty cool in and of itself. Other then that, nothing too spectacular.

This week sadly kind of followed that pattern. It's been a slow one, and we are pretty much seeing the same people over and over again. It's frustrating, but Elder Reischman really helped last night. He said that as long as we helped one person come closer to Christ, we have done our job. He also reminded me that we've been doing a lot of work, but things just go wrong sometimes. Appointments cancel, people aren't home, and others just don't want anything to do with us, but there are those few things that can lift the day. 

One of those things happened yesterday. One of the people that we have been working with since we got here, Sister Kilmer, came to church! I don't think that she had been in a very long time, and when you put that on top of the fact that she is still not smoking, things seem to be going very well for her, and she is progressing amazingly. She even was willing to read with us when we went over last night, and read 1 Nephi 11. We had to get her a giant print copy of the scriptures, but that's nothing if she will start reading. Now, we just hope that her son Dan will quit chewing. He can't really come to church, because he works on a ranch, but he seems to be progressing as well. He is really good about helping his mom keep the commitments that she's made, and is always fine with us going over to read. (He doesn't read because of Dyslexia. Think you can find a copy in that font?)

One other cool thing was that we might have a new investigator soon! Nick, a recent convert and one of our Ward Missionaries, brought his girlfriend Lindsey to church yesterday! On top of that, she didn't bolt when several people came up to her and greeted her---even one named Ruth, who told Lindsey that she was going to get baptized, marry Nick, and have 10 kids. Lindsey even came to Gospel principles class, was willing to read and participate, and afterwards said that she would love to get together and learn more with us and Nick. We gave her a Gospel's Principles manual to read, and she'd started flipping through it even before she left. So, hopefully things go well in that area, and she seems genuinely interested in learning more and, more importantly, doing what she learns. The way she put it, "I'd felt something was missing, and now I know why."

I think that covers all of the exciting things for this letter. I hope you all have a good week!

Love, Elder Stuver

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