Monday, October 13, 2014

Email Update: 10/13/2014

Dear Everyone,

Jeffrey. Is 17. That. Is. Weird.

Sooooooo... He lost because he did things better? Yeah, that makes sense.

I haven't met any Lamars, at least not yet. Transfers aren't for another 2 weeks, so i don't know if it's likely that i will, either. Tell Stephanie/Roy that i say Hi!

My niece is walking, and i haven't even seen her in person yet. *Sniffle*

Anyways,  This week was pretty awesome, actually. We were able to meet with Jed and Rachel again this week, and I think that we just had the definition of a golden investigator lesson. We asked him what he felt about there being a prophet on the earth, and he proceeded to teach us about chain of authority, how the church needs people in charge using the power of God to keep everything straight, and basically our entire lesson on prophets. It was awesome. We were teaching the first discussion (second, of course. Why would we teach the first first?) and he pretty much soaked up everything that we taught, and expounded on it. He was even willing to say the prayer at the end of the lesson, in it asking for help to find out if the church is true. We are excited. The way it sounds from the bishop is that all we are really waiting for is for hem to get married, which they are already planning on doing in November. So, we should have a baptismal date set up fairly soon.

Something else pretty pretty cool happened the night before, when we had first tried to go and see Jed and Rachel. Jed wasn't there, but we saw this guy moving a U-Hail full of stuff up to the top floor apartment---by himself. So, we offered to give him a hand, and he accepted. Turns out that he and his niece had just moved out of his sister's place, and she had just left when we walked up. We were able to finish off the whole U-Haul in the next hour, and got to talk to them for another half. Their names are Carlos and Alandra, and even though we weren't able to talk much about the gospel, they did say that we would be free to stop back, as long as we could catch them. 

So, all in all, i feel like we had at least two really good experiences this week. I hope that your week is just as cool!

Love and Insanity,
Elder Stuver

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