Monday, June 16, 2014

6/16/2014: Email Update--Happy Father's Day!

Dear Urvurone,

I'm glad you all had a good week/Fathers Day! I still think that we should call home then, too... But, it's not my call, so oh well. How did the Dad's like the movies? How to train your dragon is hard NOT to like, so, i imagine that went well at least. As for the cars, of course they were awesome: "classics" are classics for a reason.

Anyways, Things are going really well. My new bike is awesome (with the slight frustration that the seat is harder than a rock, but that's ok; this too shall pass) and will last me most likely for 5 years after the mission, if not a whole lot more. It cost a bit, but it was less than i expected, and that's always a plus.

As for appointments, they are a little low, but we had some really good ones. We have been working with a boy named Micheal with Downs Syndrome, and event though it can be tough to understand him sometimes, it always seems like he is listening, and understanding the best he can. His parents are active members, and he is 14, so we have been teaching him with them, and they have been helping us teach in a way that they have found that he would understand. So far, he seems to get bits and pieces of the things that we talk about, and remembers at least a little of the important points. I think that if nothing else, Micheal will at least learn a little bit more than he knew before.

Someone else that we have been seeing is named Rosa, and it had been a little difficult to get a hold of her in the past few weeks, so it was really good to be able to get in and talk to her a little bit. Even better than that, she and her son made it to Sacrament yesterday, for the first time that i have seen her there. There was another nonmember there, named Markie, but he actually lives in a different ward's boundary. So, all in all, even though the week was harder, Sunday turned out good.

By the way, Transfers are coming up this Saturday, so we will have to see what happens. Most likely, i am staying, and Elder Gibson is going. I hope that he stays, but you can't have everything. If he does go, he has really been wanting to spend some time in McCall before he goes home. Hey, you never know: I called the last person to get called to McCall, i might be able to guess the next as well...

Love and Insanity, Elder Stuver

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