Monday, May 5, 2014

Email Update: 5/5/2014

Dear Everyone,

Sad to say, but this week was pretty much a flop. We had a few good appointments with Kathy, but that was about it. Most of the others canceled on us, and the rest that we tried to set up went to the black hole of a voice mail, never to be seen again. We also got news that several missionaries had to go home for various medical reasons, including Elder Maynard, whose sister is apparently sick enough that the Stake President, Mission President, and his parents all said it would be best to come home. 

A little bit of good news, though; Kathy may be getting baptized sooner that we had originally thought. She made the comment on our last appointment  that she has a doctor's appointment that she is concerned about, and if things turn out the way she thinks that they might, she would like to be baptized before an operation that may be necessary. All in all, equal parts good news and bad news. Along with the surgery, she is concerned about Transfers coming up, and would like to get it done before them if i am moving, if at all possible... Which could be more difficult than it sounds. Kathy is almost wheelchair bound, and she frankly should be, because of crippling pain in her back and legs, probably close to or worse than Grandpa's gout. So, we have had to think and work out how she might even be baptized, without breaking her. We came up with several different options, so we think that we have that covered, but that is all of the fiascos that come with this kind of situation.

Well, that is my interesting week. Thank you for all that you do, and for the prayers that you say.

Love and Insanity, Elder Stuver

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