Monday, March 3, 2014

Email Update: 3/3/2014

Dear Familie,

The Stuver magic lives on! Of course Mei-chan only wants to be fed by Dad and Jeffrey; they're the Stuver Males.

A Golf Ball? Really? That's very frustrating.

Up here has been crazy as always. We didn't have as high a number of lessons as usual, but we did have some really productive lessons. We taught Matt and Sharon last night, the Doctrine of Christ, and it was awesome. We have been teaching them at the home of a family named the Rowes, and more and more I've come to realize something; I absolutely love lessons in members' homes. The Spirit is some much stronger there, and the members are much more comfortable answering questions and bearing their testimonies in their own home. Matt and Sharon both seemed to understand the things we were teaching, and they remembered the things we had taught the last lesson. They have been reading the chapters that we have assigned them, and they have been coming to church almost every week. (they didn't this week because her boss--the bishop--had her stay at work until 11:00 Saturday night, and their kids woke up when Sharon got home, and insisted on playing until 3:00) The only really frustrating part is Matt looked into the divorce, and it'll actually take 41 days in order to file it. Luckily though, they don't need to get an lawyer, so the total charge will only be about $120, rather than $800. It just means that he has to wait to get baptized, sadly. 

The next awesome lesson that we taught was planned for one awesome investigator named Louis, but ended up having three investigators there, along with the family and the Bishop's wife who had come over to do some visiting teaching, but ended up being involved with the lesson just as much as anyone else. The morning of the lesson, we were sitting and planning what we wanted to teach to Louis, when we get a call from him. Apparently, he wanted to know, "if it's ok to push the lesson back [a half an hour], so that i can bring my girlfriend?"

We said that shouldn't be a problem.

Louis was a referral from a girl named Heidi, who had been talking to him about the church for a while, and had already given him a Book of Mormon. When we first taught him, he had already read on through 1st and most of 2nd Nephi, and pretty much believed it. When we taught him the Plan of Salvation a couple of days ago, with his girlfriend, he really just soaked it in, and even explained a portion of it when his girlfriend, Abby, was a little confused. To top it all off, yesterday he gets up and bears his testimony that he believes that this is the true church, and that he knows how having it in his life for the past few weeks has made his life so much better.

Speaking of Abby, she is a really nice girl who has been invested in religion before in her life, but had fallen away from it, because of some really traumatic experiences in her recent life. Now. she said that she is really open to learning about the church, and she was really open and involved as we taught. She was really struck first by the Spirit World, because she had never even heard of that before, but it made sense to her, that Heavenly Father wouldn't just leave most of his children hanging out to dry, just because they hadn't heard the name of Jesus Christ before. The other thing that seemed to hit her very hard was the principle of Agency, how no matter what, God would never take that gift and ability to chose away from his children. Because of some of those hard things in her life, she had been really angry and wondering why God would let people do some things, and why He would let those things happen to good people, but i could see the Spirit testify to her the truth of what we spoke, and she was visibly happier at the end of the lesson. In fact, after the prayer and the rest of the people pulled off to go eat some dinner that the member had made up, she asked if this was something that was going to happen next week as well. Along with that, we gave her a Book of Mormon, and she promised that she would read it.

Yeah. McCall is awesome.

Those are the main stories for this week, though much more happened, even on the days that felt like nothing was going on. Thank you for your stories of life, in all of it's true slowness. Tell Mei-chan that i said hi!!

Love and Insanity, Elder Stuver

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