Monday, February 10, 2014

Email Update: 2/10/2014

Dear Familie, 

I'm glad you got to have a good B-Day party for Michaela. Yay for technology!!!! (Did Mom blow up any computers, or do Macs like her better?) I sent a little something for her in the mail, but i couldn't remember her address, or if she'd gotten a new one, so you should be getting it for her pretty soon. Please forward if possible!! :)

As for the Skiing, i wasn't sore at all the next day. I was just as surprised by that as you probably are. As such, it was still awesome the next day.

I'm not surprised that you had a severe weather warning; McCall has gotten at least 3 feet of snow in the last week, and Logan isn't that much lower in elevation.

As for this last week, work wise, it was pretty fun. We got to go up to Riggens and teach some people, for the first time that missionaries had made it up to teach in about a year. The two families that we taught are really close to starting to grow, too. One of them is a little interesting, though. Chase, a 35ish man who has lived around Mormons his whole life, had a question that i had never heard before. "How could the Book Of Mormon be true if the day is was printed was before the day it was supposed to have been discovered?" I had heard of all of the other questions he posed, and was able to answer them, (Mountain Meadow Massacre, etc) but that one was new. is there any way that you could find the dates to verify the time? I know that it's not as important as learning by the Spirit, but he said that he had had this question for years, had read the Book of Mormon, and studied a lot on the Mormons, and no one had been able to answer that question, so I'm curious if we can. Other than that, his wife Crystal  was super interested, and she said that everything that we taught made sense, and answered questions that she'd had for years, having previously been a Pentecostal Christian. We gave them another Book of Mormon, and challenged them to read it with the Bible, and to compare them with each other. I feel like that will do a really good job of helping them to see that they both work together, and they each help the other testify of the truth.

Another really cool thing this week was on Sunday. We unfortunately didn't have too many investigators this week (almost everyone was sick, including one of the ones who did make it), but the two that did get the chance are really strong investigators. Sarah only made it to 3/4 of Sacrament, because she was sick and still had to go to work, but she has a baptismal date set, and she hadn't previously been coming at all. The past two weeks, however, she made it to Sacrament Meeting. Yesterday she told us that she hadn't been planning on making it when she woke up and wasn't feeling well, but she decided that she "had to come." It's still been hard to find a date and time where we can actually go and teach her, but that's just a sad part of life. 

Up next is Lewis, who'd been invited a few weeks ago by a girl in the 1st ward that he'd been wanting to (and succeeding in) date. He did decide to come, and apparently became very interested in what was being taught. Yesterday he was able to make it again, with the girl's Father. Lewis even went to all three meetings, and it seemed like he had a really good time. We haven't been able to teach him yet, but i feel like it wont be too much longer; when we went up to say hi to him after Sacrament, the first thing he did was ask for a Book of Mormon for his sister.

Funny thing about last week; we had our Zone Meeting scheduled up in Baker City for Friday, but because of our own severe weather warnings, it had to be rescheduled for tomorrow. So, because Baker City equals an entire day's work, we had absolutely NOTHING planned for that day. It ended up being the biggest day of service that i've had on my mission thus far, with 8 different service opportunities coming up. One of those was for a couple that were friends to Nate, the Mission Mortician of McCall. They apparently take care of all of his cremations, and they called him just as soon as we'd finished clearing Nate's driveway of snow to see if he could help them move an entertainment center up their stairs. So, they had three guys showing up at their door instead just one. Nate told us after the job, that the couple had asked him who these other two were, and when Nate said, "They're the Mormon Missionaries," the husband said, "Really?" and the wife said, "You're kidding!!!" We were able to have a really fun talk with them after the job, and they turned out to be a really nice couple .

Well, that just about covers it for now. I'll send another in just about a week, i think. Have a great day!

Love and Insanity, Elder Stuver

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