Monday, January 6, 2014

Email Update: 1/6/2014--Q&A and Transfer 4

This letter was another Q&A email, so bold for parents:

Did you get something nice for yourself for Christmas from G. Mick and G. Marie? What?
I did get something pretty nice; i got a whole new outfit, from the tie to the pants--which is really good, because my suit pants for one of my suits (the one from CTR clothing) both split down the backside....

What did you do for New Years?
Nothing really; it was a normal proselyting day. We did spend a little time at a member's home, named Ben, and had some Mountain Dew

What is happening with you and your missionary work?
For the last few weeks, we've been working really hard at making sure that our lessons include at least two principles and a prayer, and I have to say, it seems to have been making a difference. Jerry, whom I've said a few things about in the past, actually said the prayer in one of our lessons, and that one of the things that he needs to do before too long is to be baptized! Once we got our transfer call, we've been spending a lot of time saying good bye to people in New Plymouth. Conrad was one of our first stops, when we helped him take a load to the dump, and he kept saying to tell the Mission President that Conrad say he can't leave New Plymouth.

Something else pretty cool happened on Sunday. Our Ward Mission leader in second Ward, Brother Ellis, said that, "I admit, we didn't get off to the best start, but i've seen you grow, and become a great missionary. We'll really miss you." I honestly didn't think that he liked me very much, so that stood out to me.

Are you still in the same area, or did you get transferred? If so, where to?
I've just been transferred to McCall, Idaho. My new companion is named Elder Maynard, from Ogden. He has been stationed in McCall for three months, as long as he's been in the mission field. From what i hear about it, it should be a little slow, but super fun. We cover Council, Riggins, Yellow Pine, and Cascade (though a Senior couple may be taking that one over).

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